June 16

As the barefoot running craze picks up steam, our own Graham Stoner was interviewed by The Tennessean to get his take on it.  Check out the article here, and if you want more scientific information, check out the Harvard Web site where all this research began.

Heat Wave

Running in the heat is more dangerous than running in the cold.  But there are some things that you can do to make running in the heat more bearable.

1) Wear the least amount of clothing that you feel comfortable in, and don't wear cotton!

2) Don't run in the middle of the day, and find as much shade as possible on your routes.

3) Start out slow.  Real slow.  Intensity is what really gets your core temperature up, and when the outside air is 90 degrees it's hard to bring that core temperature down.  Stop running immediately if you feel faint, find some shade and drink lots of water.

4) Drink copious amounts of water before your run, but be sure to replace your electrolytes after the run.  (meaning grab a glass or two of gatorade along with your post run water.)

Getting Faster

If you are already a runner - you still have time to sign up for Summer Speed Sessions.  (There are ten more weeks of workouts.)  Also, the Sunday Morning Trail runs are a great way to build some hill work into your weekly long run.

If you are NOT a runner (or if you know someone who wants to become a runner), the East Nasty Couch to 5k program starts on June 21.  Running in a group is usually the accountability that we all need to stick to a program. Whether you are just getting started, or running 80 miles a week, sometimes it's hard to get out the door unless we know that someone is waiting for us..  So if you're ready to make that first step, we're ready to help you get to your goal.  The program is free!   Just one way that East Nasty wants to give back to this great community.

Wednesday, june 16

This week is run #11, East Nashville churches.  When we first added this route, I blogged about some of the churches that are on this run.  Check out this post from last year, and pay some attention to the great architecture in our neighborhood!

No Taco Truck this week, (they are opening a permanent location on West Eastland across the street from the Holland House...) but we'll still be hanging out at 3 crow after the run!  So bring a change of clothes and a couple of dollars.