June 2, 2010

East Nasty has some exciting stuff planned for this summer!  Including opportunities for advanced runners, or those who are just beginning... 1) Sunday Trail Runs - Our Sunday trail runs kick off this week (June 6).   We will meet at Percy Warner Park at the base of the stone stairs at 8a.m.  If you haven't run trails before, no worries!  You will have the option of 4.2 miles, or just jump right in and run the 9.2.   If you have run the trails, please let us know and we may ask you to help guide newbies through the trails.  One note: Bring Water!

Did I mention that there is free yoga after the runs!   Stick around after you finish the trails as Rebecca and Molly from Lululemon lead us through a 15 minute post-run yoga session.

2) Summer Speed Sessions - You want to get faster?  You have to run faster.  But it's important to run at the right pace.  That is where fleet feet summer speed comes in.  Join over a hundred other dedicated runners as we go to the track in search of better 5k, 10k and even mile times!  Look at the bottom of this page for more information.

3) Couch to Tomato-Fest 5k. Are you reading this blog wishing that you could run?  Have you always wanted to start running but just couldn't muster up the motivation?  Are you sick and tired of being a "Least Nasty"?  Well, East Nasty is happy to announce an 8-week program to get you off the couch and running the Tomato Fest 5k in August!  We are still finalizing some of the logistics, so check back for more info...but we know that the program will start up the week of June 14, and will culminate with the running of the Tomato Festival 5k.  Please send me an email (millema6@hotmail.com) or track me down on Wednesday night if you are interested - or if you know someone who is.

Speaking of June 14, that is the date of the Nashville Symphony's free concert at East Park.

See you tomorrow !

Oh yes, we are running run #9 tomorrow.