For Race Day

A couple of things East Nasty:

-Do not let the weather scare you! As it looks right now, the race is going to happen between some small thunderstorms in the morning (ending around 5am) and a larger thunderstorm later in the afternoon (around 3pm.) The temperature at 7am is predicted to be around 65 degrees. Translation: BRING IT!

-If you are not  running and want to help cheer us on at the Battlefield St. location, you can email Noell Rembert at for more details.

-If you would like to help Erin Pauling collect clothes to donate to Thriftsmart after the start of the race, you can contact her at for more details.

Pre race meeting area: The parking lot in front of P.F. Chang’s and Wendy’s on West End Avenue.

POST RACE PICTURE: 10:30 am in the E section of the “family reunion” area.

-Finally, feel free to add a comment to this post (click below where it says comments) to offer up your pace time and projected goal, or any other information that needs to be given out. Several East Nasties are going be leading groups through various corrals to help everyone reach their projected goal.

-Also quick note: Hugh Mundy will be following his usual pre-race ritual of eating a sausage mcmuffin with egg, drinking a venti no-whip frappacino, all while running windsprints with backpack full of M-Z encyclopedias. Unless you also ran at Notre Dame, this technique is not recommended.

Remember people this is supposed to be a FUN event. Relax, get some rest tonight, and be ready to have a blast tomorrow morning.