One last brunch...

Sunday April 18: 9 a.m.  Yes 9 a.m.   Like I said, 9 a.m.  In Shelby Bottoms.  Did I mention the week's Sunday run is at 9 a.m. in Shelby Bottoms?? This Sunday is our last 1/2 marathon training here is what I want you to remember:

The week before a race there is nothing that you can do to make yourself run faster, but there is a lot you can do to make yourself run slower.

Your body has an adaptation period of about 7-10 days before you receive any cardiovascular benefits from a workout.  So there is not enough time to get yourself in any better shape between now and the marathon.  That means that our goals over the next week are:

1) Fully rest and recover from a hard winter of training.

2) Stay loose and flexible.

3) Maintain a sense of running at your goal pace.

4) Get hydrated and be smart about "carbo-loading".

Here's how those things play themselves out:

a) While you only want about 10-20 miles of running the week before the 1/2 marathon, you definitely don't want to run zero miles... Plan your week so that you have some running - but almost all of it should be run at a very easy pace.

b) This Sunday we are going to do 5-7 miles total with 3 miles of goal pace running.  Also, one day this week you should do 2-3 miles of goal pace running split up into intervals.  (Example: 6 x 800 at goal pace with 2 minutes between each repeat.)  It's important to have a little bit of running at goal pace to maintain that sense of effort.

c) Drink an extra glass of water with each meal, watch your caffeine and alcohol intake, and go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual this week.  Eat lots of carbs, but be careful not to over indulge  so that you feel bloated on race day... Carbo-loading does not mean eating a huge pasta dinner the day before a big race.

Remember: bring $20 for your East Nasty CMM2010 half marathon shirt.   And clear your schedule Saturday night to join us at the post-race extravaganza!

Check the blog next week for details about the race, whether you are running or cheering - also we have a couple of really exciting post-marathon announcements...


PS  Of course, join us for one last brunch after the run.  314 S. 17th street.  We are going to fire up the grill and break out the cornhole boards...everyone is welcome.