Final Long Run...

Nasties... First of all, thanks to Team Green/Lightning 100 for hosting a great happy hour last night.  The had some great give-aways...amazing really.  Of course the big winners were the Jones brothers, no surprise there.  Thanks again Tom and Keeley.

Okay, we have come to our last long run before the 1/2 marathon.  And it is a long one.  12 miles for novice, 14 for intermediate, and 16 for advanced.

We are starting at 8 a.m.

Since the weather is getting hotter, and this run will take most folks over 2 hours, we are going to move the start time to 8 a.m.

The course

We usually run Bongo-to-bongo but we have made some changes so that we complete the last 2 miles of the marathon.

  • We'll start at Bongo East (of course) then we will go down Fatherland and over the walking bridge to get to Demonbreun.
  • Once we are on Demonbreun, we will just run the 1/2 marathon course. Except at the end, run past the stadium to finish at Bongo Java. (Advanced group, do the 2-mile add on loop to complete 16+ miles)
  • Here is the map of the new course.  Please take a moment to check it out.  Thanks Duane-o.

The Brunch

Andy (of  salted, chocolate-covered bacon fame) and Heidi will be hosting brunch this week.  Everyone is welcome - talk to Zach about what you need to bring.

Odds and ends...

Next Week: We will meet for a run next Sunday.  The run will be 6 miles total, with 3-4 of those miles at goal pace.  After the run, stick around as we grill out at my place and celebrate a great Spring of training!

Tapering:  If you are running the 1/2 marathon, you need to allow your body to fully rest and recover over the next two weeks.  1) This Sunday is your last long run.  You should do one medium hard run in the middle of the week, and all your other runs should be slow and short.  2) The week of the marathon, you should only run 10-15 miles before the race.

Post-Run Party: Every year Micah hosts East Nasty's post-marathon party of legend.  Stay tuned for more details...  No offense to "John Rich with Cowboy Who-ever"  but this party is not to be missed.

See you tomorrow at 8 a.m.