Manna-Food Security Partners

Hey East Nasties, would you like the chance to train for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon while raising money to fight hunger and create a more sustainable food system? Manna-Food Security Partners (Manna-FSP) is a non-profit that works to end hunger and build a healthy, just and sustainable food system. Each day, we are working in Nashville to address the root causes of hunger and food-insecurity. Come train with us!!!We are offering runners who train with Manna-FSP a regimen, a fun team to run with (the "Farm to Fork to Finish Line" team), some swag and a pre-race carbo-loading dinner. There is no cost, but we do ask runners to help us by getting your friends, co-workers and/or family members to sponsor you. And in return, you get the team, the swag, a lot of pasta and the knowledge that you are supporting an organization that promotes healthy food options for all Nashvillians.

Please visit and for more information on our work. To join Farm to Fork to Finish Line, please email Miriam Leibowitz at

Thanks ahead of time!

Brian Zralek