Last week to order...

Shirts! Drew will be taking order tomorrow and Sunday.  Then that's it!  This year's shirt will be a charcoal grey short sleeve nike dry fit.  East Nasty on the front (of course) and CMM 2010 on the back.  We are looking at about $15 per shirt.  Drew has a size run of shirts for you to try if you are unsure of your size...


The KIPP track team is going strong with former ENOW's Stoner, Jenny Dew and Jay Tift helping out with the coaching duties.  But KIPP Academy's academics is getting some local press as well.  NPR did a story on charter school teachers and interviewed KIPP's 5th grade English teacher, Mindie Norman.  Check out the interview here.

The Sipper Club

As I have gotten older, happy hours are much more appealing.  Remember when you wouldn't even go out and meet your friends until 10:00??  Now 10 p.m. is a good 45 minutes past my bedtime, so grabbing a drink with friends at say...6 is much more my speed.  Luckily Noell and Lanie have just the club for folks like me...  The Sipper Club.  Check out their website often, because as the weather gets better, it will become a patio-hopping happy hour.  Right now it will happen exclusively at smoke free establishments!

Run #8

Rick's Market...coldest beer in town.