Thank You!

Nasties - You have once again eclipsed my expectations in generosity!  As the last few donations drizzle in, we will exceed $3500 in donations for the KIPP track team!

The most amazing thing is that most of you have never even visited KIPP Academy, or know any students who go there.   So this is (at least) the third time that you guys have blessed people that you don't know.  Remember our vision statement?

"we love our neighborhood and strive to be involved in making it a great place to live and run...  Join us to not just build fitness, but to build community as well!"

This is what we want to be all about: Striving to make East Nashville a better place for everyone to live and run.

note:   Several folks asked if they could help out, and originally I wasn't sure if they needed volunteers...but the coach said that they would love some help!  So let me know if this is someplace where you would like to plug in.

Wednesday Feb 3

Run #5 - downtown.  Check out the link on the side.

See you on Wednesday!