Wednesday Jan. 20

Run #3.  I love this run, but we have to cross Eastland twice...and the turn from Eastland to 20th is easy to miss.  I'll be around to direct traffic, but take a moment to check out the map. After a couple of nasty weeks here in music city, we are in for a little January warm-up.  It is hard to dress for running in winter in the south because you have no idea how warm it is going to be!

Two things:

1) Dress as if you are going for a hike in weather that is 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature.   So if it is 35, dress as though you were going for a hike at 55 degrees.

2) "There is no such thing as inclement conditions, just inadequate preparation."  ~Gino Leone.    East Nasties do not make excuses! Throw on your sweatshirt, a toboggan, gloves and get out and run!


The KIPP Track team is 60 strong, and I am delivering the donations after the run this Sunday.  If you are able to help out financially, please bring your money this week!  Thanks for everyone who has given a gift already!

See you on Wednesday!