Wednesday 9-16: Dog Food and LP Field

Dog Food Drive! "37206 - Where everyone knows your dog's name."  East Nashvillians love their dogs, but even so, there seem to be more and more animals that are being dumped or abandoned by their owners. is an organization that rescues and fosters forsaken animals, but it also attempts to help pet owners before their pet becomes too much of a financial burden.  We are going to help:

This Wednesday, everyone needs to bring (at least) one bag of dry dog food!

If you are a cat lover (we'll still be your friend), you can bring cat food...

Whatever your choice of pet, this is going to be one way that East Nasty helps out our community.  So, rain or shine, come Wednesday with a bag of pet food...and then...

Run #9 - LP Field

This week we'll head toward the river, circle LP field, head back up Woodland.  From there you can either head straight back (for 3.75 miles), or hang a left at McFerrin for a run through Maxwell Heights (4.43 miles).

I'll see you this Wednesday - remember to bring your pet food (and your ID)!


East Nasty:

What: A grass roots running group that takes to the streets of East Nashville every Wednesday evening.

When: 6 pm

Where: the corner of 11th and Holly, East Nashville

Why: A good run, then good times with friends at 3 crow bar.