Tomato Fest 5k

Tomato Festival Run Through As all of you should know, the Tomato Fest 5k is quickly approaching; in fact, it is this Saturday!   Since this is basically our home meet, the East Nasties need to come out in full force.   My goal is to have 50 East Nasties in full regalia at the race!  Here is the link to register at active.

In order to prepare for the race (we must defend our home turf), we are going to run the course this week.  The race starts and finishes at the corner of Woodland and 11th, and it is a little bit different than last year, so take a moment to look over the course.

New People:

If you are new to the East Nasties, show up every Wednesday night at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville at 6:00 for a great run with a fun group of folks.  Don't forget to bring a change of clothes and your ID to grab a 2-for-1 beverage at 3 Crow Bar post-run.