East Nasty Summer Tees...

Wednesday's Run We are heading back into Shelby.  Run #2.  

If you are new to the East Nasty Crew, we meet at 6:00 p.m. at the intersection of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.  This week's run is about 3.7 miles, and there is an additional 2-mile loop that many folks tack on after finishing the scheduled run.  Barring any cooler malfunctions, we will have gatorade for after the run - but you need to bring a change of clothes (or not...) and join us down the street at 3 Crow Bar for a 2-for-1 beverage and/or some dinner!


For those of you who were there last Wednesday, you know that we are ordering East Nasty summer gear!   We are ordering a singlet for the women (basically a tank top) and a muscle tee for the men.  Both will be in white, and we will have samples to try on this Wednesday.


1) We are placing the shirt order on Thursday; Wednesday is your last chance!

2) If you ordered a shirt last week, or are planning on ordering a shirt this week, could you please bring your $20 ASAP?!  Thanks!

Big shout out to JP Blazer for the great run on Sunday!  Thanks!  

See you on Wednesday.