Sunday Long Runs Begin

Summer Long Runs A weekly long run is a vital part of any training regimen.   A weekly long run of 8-14 miles provides a great foundation for 5k to 1/2 marathon training.  Also, it is a distance that will allow for an easy transition into a fall marathon training program.  

A lot of people are very intimidated by long runs, and it is usually because they run too fast.  The benefits of running long distances are achieved because of the duration of the run, not because of the intensity.  You should be running about 2 minutes per mile slower than your current 5k pace.  If you are a heart rate junkie, it should be around 70-75% of your max, and if pace and heart rate are not readily available, just make sure that you can talk during your long runs.  

Once you realize that a long run is a time to back off the intensity and converse with your training partners, it could become your favorite run of the week!

June 7

Our first long run is hosted by Amy Owsley and Jenny Dew.   They are going to take us on the trails of Percy Warner Park.   The run will begin at 8 am, at the base of the stairs at the Belle Meade entrance to Percy Warner park.   (Drive all the way down Belle Meade Blvd, you can't miss it!)  The run will be somewhere between 8 and 9 miles...much of it off-road.

Remember, on these Sunday runs, you need to bring your own fluids, gels, shotbloks etc... None of this stuff will be provided!

trail map

Post Run Festivities

After the run, Jenny has invited everyone over to her townhouse to cool off in the pool; so bring your swimsuits, something to drink and enjoy cooling off after a long run!