Summer '09

Summer is officially here.  Or at least in the mind of this teacher, the Tuesday after Memorial Day marks the first day of summer.  And summer in Nashville means heat and humidity.  So if this is your first year of running or your 20th, I need to remind you: drink lots of water during the summer.  Taking a sip out of the drinking fountain on your way out the door is not what I mean.  Hydration takes consistent, intentional fluid intake, before and after a run. Walking bridge loop - in reverse.  (Run #5)

The summer long runs start up on June 7.    Run leaders, please finalize your plans so that I can post the routes.   Especially the June runs.  Leaders - don't make me name names (J.P)!

Summer Speed Sessions start next week, Tuesday June 2.  Sign up through Fleet Feet, or just show up.  The 6 a.m. sessions are at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Brentwood, the 6 p.m. sessions are at East Literature.  The first session will consist of a 1 mile time trial, which will establish your training paces for the first half of the summer.

If you are new to our group, show up at 6:00 at 11th and Holly.  (Up the street from 3 Crow Bar and Bongo Java in East Nashville.)   If you look at the bottom of this blog, there are 6 runs and one 2-mile add on loop.  We are on run #5, but we are running it in reverse!

Current East Nasties - introduce yourself to someone new, and make sure that everyone feels welcome to join us after for a drink after the run!