Running Fast

Getting stronger/faster/leaner is one of the joys of working out.  The human body is amazing and watching it adapt to the stresses that you place on it as you lift, run, swim or yoga (Is yoga a verb??) is one of the truly satisfying things in life.  (Watching yourself get old and slow is one of the truly humbling things in life...but that topic is for another day...) Almost everyone who reads this blog is a runner, so you probably agree that getting faster is great.  But, sadly, there is the reality that getting faster requires doing hard workouts, and the only thing that is harder than running long distances by yourself is running hard by yourself.  

So...I give to you summer speed sessions. Every summer, Fleet Feet employs yours truly to try and make a bunch of you runners faster by teaching you how to run track workouts.   DON'T LET RUNNING ON THE TRACK SCARE YOU!  In fact, there is something predictable and fun about track workouts, and all the workouts are designed to your ability level.  Of course there is the added benefit of 30-40 other people out there with you, making those workouts much more bearable.  I encourage you to consider signing up and challenging yourself this summer.  I guarantee that you will get faster!


Speed Sessions are on Tuesdays.  You can come in the mornings or at night.   It doesn't matter.   The morning sessions are at 6 a.m. at Christ Presbyterian Academy.  The afternoon sessions are at 6 p.m. at East Literature.   You can sign up on-line, or just show up for the first session on June 2nd.   If you have any questions, grab me on a Wednesday night, post a comment, or call the folks at Fleet Feet.