Sunday 4/5/09 - Long Run / Bracket Madness / Shirts

Nasties - This is the last week where we will  start at Centennial Park and run the course.  This week's run will take us through the first 11 miles of the course, (from the round-about: down Division - to 11th, 11th to Charlotte) then back to Centennial Park via Charlotte.  The entire run will be about 13.1 miles!

The official website and course map has finally been updated.  We won't run the final 2 miles as part of our training, so you may want to get out there and run those on your own.   The race course takes us up from bicennential park and over the Woodland street bridge, so there is one last sneaky uphill in the last 2 miles that you may want to investigate!!

Training note:  It is always better to be a little bit undertrained rather than a little bit overtrained.  Meaning, that you should cut this run short if you are feeling consistently worn-out and fatigued!  Next week is our last long run, and we're running Bongo-to-bongo, which is 14 miles.   So even if you cut this week's run a little bit short, you will have another chance for an overdistance run.  (Meaning a training run that is longer than the race distance.)

Shirts: I am going to place the shirt order on Monday.   Sorry I have had to postpone the order several times, but things didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped!  (Do things ever go as smoothly as the plan??!!)

Bracket Update:  Going into the final weekend, here is a list of the folks that are still in the hunt, and their picks that are still capable of winning.  (And once Michigan State and UNC win, it will be down to me and LaMont.)

David Harris - 95 (UNC)
Erick Snyder - 89 (UNC)
Erica Tober - 87 (UNC)
Mary Jane Peck - 87
Mark Miller - 86 (MSU / UNC)
Paul Clayton - 85
Annie Parsons - 82
Christy Maynard - 81 (UNC)
Hunter Lane - 81
Jim Schwan - 80
Josh Gruner - 79 (UCONN / UNC)
Aman Khapoya - 79 (MSU)
Amberlie - 61 (UCONN)
See you Sunday morning, 9:00.