1/2 Marathon Infomational Meeting

Nasties - First - Thanks for a great party last night!    Food was fantastic.  Drew even brought his world famous buckeyes - which use such rare ingredients and take so long to make that he could only bring 4.   Thanks again to Ann for opening her home!

Second - A group of us will be training for the 1/2 marathon together.  It's free! I have three training schedules (novice, intermediate and advanced) and we meet every Sunday morning at 9am at various locations to complete our long runs.

The training officially begins on January 4th, under the train bridge in Shelby Park, but this Sunday at 9am we are going to meet together for a run (4.38 miles or shorter if you want) and then I will hand out the training schedules and the training logs.  (My running log is the closest thing to a journal that I have ever had...)  This week, and this week only, we will meet at my house - 314 S. 17th street, East Nashville.


(I am going to try and post the training schedules here...I haven't quite figured out if I can or not...so I will have hard copies available the Sunday.)

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