Rod Jones

You might assume that because Rod Jones is related to Drew Jones, he is genetically superior to all the rest of us. And true – his DNA is reason enough to admire and respect the man. But it’s more than that: Rod never had any wisdom teeth. He is just THAT evolutionarily advanced.





(I’m sorry, but wouldn’t YOU have posted both pictures, too?)

Rod was born in Florida, and grew up in New Orleans, Lincoln, NE, and graduated high school in North Canton, OH. He attended the University of North Alabama in Florence, where big brother Drew was, and double-majored in history and English. Eventually, he went to Knoxville to earn his Masters in History.

And ‘twas in Knoxville that he began his running career.

Thinking back to childhood, Rod recollects his father, Rick “Superfly” Jones, running races in tiny American flag short-shorts. Feeling a tug back to these roots (and who wouldn’t?), the Brothers Jones began training on the greenway in Knoxville, and ran their first half-marathon in 2002. Now, Rod runs with the East Nasties whenever he’s in Nashville.

Ah yes. Because he is not always in Nashville. Ladies and gentlemen, Rod is engaged to the lovely Paula, a fashion designer in the Big Apple. They are currently mapping out their future together – and the possibility exists that Rod could wind up in New York full-time. We don’t like this idea, except for the fact that the East Nasty shirts – and thus, GOOD WORD – might be spread like that virus in "Outbreak."

Oh yeah, and the fact that Rod and Paula could live happily ever after, which I guess would be pretty cool.

I know that I just met the guy, but Rod strikes me as wicked smart – and his brother and friends confirm my hunch. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Japan in 2007, read 32 books last year, and will someday both write a book and be published in the Oxford American. To further solidify my “smart” theory, he and Drew have seen Bob Dylan 10 times since 2001.

And one must be smart to understand that man.

-Annie P.

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